Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#SlutShaming??? Um, No, Not Really

I love to read erotica and erotic romance and get annoyed when I come across reviews from people who don't have a clue about pet names in the naughty lit they're reading. They gasp about how such and such Dom kept calling his "doormat" woman a slut, and then they spew vitriol in frantic scribbles about both the Hero and the author in their 1-STAR review. Um, back up bitties. Put the machete down. Do some research first.

In regular society, or the vanilla world, yes, females unfairly get slapped with the scarlet labels 'slut' or 'ho' for the slightest bit of sexual experimentation, while guys get to be 'players', or at worst, 'man whores', but they can still hold their heads high. I have no clue why women and girls get shamed for the same exact level of action. It's ridiculous and weird and infuriating. So, I am in no way advocating terms of slander for anyone, male or female. It is bullying and hurtful and wrong.

But, that's the PC world we're talking about.

And then there's books. You know--the naughty ones that make you blush and fan yourself and peek over your shoulder to make sure no one can see the words setting your Kindle Fire ON FIRE. Easier to hide with eBooks, but still, not always easy to mask the signs of arousal when you find a really juicy bit of treasure that's making your panties melt off. When we're talking about books with people in erotic situations, men, women, vampires, groups, whatever, dirty, shameful terms directed at others do not mean the same thing that they do in Vanilla Land, especially in a BDSM relationship. Life in the Kink is not the same. Expectations are different, conventions are challenged, people get pushed to their limits, while loving every minute of it, and books are a reflection of that variance, as well as a doorway to a rainbow of fetishes and desires that most people would find strange or disgusting or undesirable.

In Kink, or in any random bedroom too, to be called a 'slut' or 'whore' or 'cocksucker' or 'bad girl' or 'toilet' or 'bitch' or 'sissy' or 'pet' or 'cumbucket' is a badge of honor. It is not meant to be abusive, and that's the difference. It means you are cherished, owned, controlled. It's lovely music, a treat, ear candy to the one who gets it, to eager subbies especially. In scenarios of non-con, reluctance, capture and more, such terms can be used for the reader's sake more than the recipient within the work. Even if no one in the story is aroused by it, it's still okay for the niche, and not lost on people who like to hear those terms tossed about like pepper. There's a lot of leeway in what happens and what is said in erotica because fantasy runs free.

Shared terms between real life lovers can still be sweet and loving, no matter how awful and shocking they sound to you. For some, degradation is just another delicious addition to dirty talk. Maybe you're the mom of five kids or a teacher or a pastor--yeah, pastors can take it wild and filthy in the ears too-- and you get called respectable names all day long, so special terms of endearment from your loved one in bed especially turn you on. There's nothing wrong with that. It's fine if you're the 'snuggle bunny' type, but there's a whole pool of people who are more than happy to be called 'sluts', 'little girls' and 'queens'.

So, dear reader, before you jot all about your burning eyes and how cruel the dominant in the story was when you find words like, "Suck my cock, slut," or "You filthy bitch," or "Go stand in the corner like the dunce you are," think long and hard about the context. Is it really slut shaming? Is it? Or something much more beautiful?

Friday, June 14, 2013

#SatSpanks Blog Hop ~ A Devil in Disguise

Hi, Spankazoids? Have you been naughty this week? I sure hope so because there are plenty of Saturday Spankings in this hop to set you on the straight and narrow...okay, okay, the kinky and hot, let's be real.

My snippet this week is from the first book in the Sorority Pledge Saga, A Devil in Disguise.

In this novella, poor sorority pledge, Addison Montgomery, is caught chucking eggs at a mansion at the demand of her sisters on Halloween, but she lands in the clutches of the rich man's son, Logan, a junior at her college, who knows exactly what to do with naughty girls in such a predicament. Instead of calling the police and the dean, he's proposed an alternative method of restitution. ;)

You are right. I have behaved poorly and deserve a fitting punishment for my misdeeds, so I, Addison Montgomery, … surrender … to your knee … and am willing to receive whatever pain that entails, and I will make sure my House never does this again.”
Fine,” Logan said coldly.
When he released me, I massaged circulation back into my arm and searched his eyes for warmth or satisfaction with my choice but it just wasn’t there.
Walk out of this room, continue to the right down the hall and turn right again at the end into the dining hall. Bring an armless chair back here.”
My lungs began to quicken, body, shake. “Wait. Nooo. You’re going to spank me here?” I looked at the poker table of gawkers, every one of them beaming like the Cheshire cat, then back at him. “You can’t! I didn’t know that was a part of the deal.”
Certainly. It’s my father’s house you egged and his guests you disrupted. I think it’s only fitting they get to bear witness to your severe correction. Don’t you agree?”
Um, no, I … Can we please settle this matter, privately?”
No. Do you wish to renege?”
No, but...” I was nearly hyperventilating. Moisture clawed out of my tear ducts and gathered on the lids. “Please, Logan,” I begged, hands clasped together.     
Go get the chair, Addison.”  

Have fun collecting your sizzle and whacks on this good morning!

Friday, June 7, 2013

#SatSpanks Blog Hop ~ Bad Girl on the Rise

Hi, Lovely Spankazoids. Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop. I hope you are enjoying all the warm tushies and tingly anticipation. This is my first blog hop and I am sharing an excerpt from the second novella in my Sorority Pledge Saga, Bad Girl on the Rise. (Not published yet.)

In Book 1, A Devil in Disguise, a D/s connection sparks between two inexperienced college students, Addison and Logan, on Halloween night when she is captured after chucking eggs at a mansion at the demand of her Sorority sisters, and he offers her a trip over his knee for her punishment. The sub in her recognizes the Dom in him and by the time he’s set her cheeks ablaze and made her underwear useless, she knows she has to have him. 

There’s just one problem: even though Logan got swept up in the delicious power exchange and tumultuous squall of passion in equal measure, he has no intention of jumping into a lifestyle. The darkness he knows lurks within is untested, feral and raw. But he cant resist her or the call of her warm flesh when she’s so eager and willing to please him and determined to turn them into a THIS. She keeps slipping raunchy notes into his backpack, wearing short shirts to shake her stuff in his face and doing very, very bad things that she knows he doesn't approve of. 

In this scene, Addison has sought out Logan for restitution for her misdeeds and naughty behavior
, but after receiving her three punishment whacks, he told her any remaining ones would be her call until she feels guilt-free and absolved, but she can't seem to let go and forgive herself.

When he hit me again on the other side, I squirmed and cried out a sobby, “Owww, oww.” The third and last punishment whack I took more gracefully, steeling myself to not move at all. I didn’t even shout out, I just gritted my teeth and let out a grunt. 
Stinging slaps kept crashing into my dripping flesh, multiplying the lingering pain tenfold at every strike. I was shaking so hard, folded in half before him, I thought my knees would give way, but I tightened my grip on the bath bar, determined to not say lilacs until consciousness was close to falling away. 
After seven whacks with the bath brush, no doubt, straight from Satans coffers, my ass felt on fire and ripped apart. 
He lent me an exit pass again with an insistent, Say lilacs, Addison, as I twisted to relieve some of the sting, but I got back into position and begged for another. 
When the next blast swooped into my cheeks with a deafening splat, I could no longer contain the ugly wail clawing up my throat, but so deserving of this spanking, this agony, this hell, every bit of it for of my betrayal and disobedience, I cracked out a brittle, More. 

Have fun collecting your Saturday Spankings!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pic of the Day: The Power of Ribbon

Ribbon bondage is extremely sexy. I love that something as soft as satin can restrict movement and, at the same time, turn the bound one into a present, ready for unwrapping. This looks fun for corner time or display. This pic shows how beautiful it can be, and it doesn't look too complicated for those who aren't masters of shibari. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pic of the Day: The Lollipop

Is this pic hot or what? There are hardly any body parts at all, but you can totally tell this little subbie is kneeling in submission before her Dom. So sexy. Bet that's not her only treat for the day too. LOVE this pic!