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#SatSpanks - Logan Spanks Addison for Brattiness

Hi, Spankos. Thanks for stopping by. I usually share snippets from Sorority Pledge Saga, a 10-novella collection that follows the BDSM romance of two college students, Addison and Logan, who are centering their relationship around Dominance and submission while trying to balance college life.

Today's snippet is from Book 6, not yet published. Addison has invited her friend and roommate, Shayna, over to her Dom's house for a spanking because Shayna can't get past her guilt for playing loose at a party. But Logan went a step further and began to dominate Shayna too, and Addison didn't like that one bit, punctuating her irritation with a flipoff and a mouthed, "Asshole." Now, she gets her very first brat spank. I went a little over, sorry. I haven't posted in a few weeks and didn't want to break up the candy.

“You’re holding back. Tell her the other yummy goodies?” “Shut the hell up, Logan!” I stomped my foot and shouted, “No fucking way am I sayi…