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#NewRelease - Sorority Pledge 7: Sweet Treat to Excite


Logan & Addison can't keep their hands off each other nor pain out of their fun fests. Logan left Addison in a lurch after their first official scene in Book 5, a spicy-hot capture one between a Princess and a sexy rogue that you NEED to read if you haven't, so they are trying to get back to their mutual love of all things leather and stingy. The 7th steamy novella in their kinkalicious romance is out now and available on: Amazon Barnes& Noble Kobo Google Play (not up yet, still processing)
NOTE FROM THE DOM, LOGAN THORNDIKE: Luscious and I aim to get back on track after the reset of our relationship, and we’re psyched to share our first Sunday together as boyfriend and girlfriend rather than just pound-me-’til-I-scream kinkazoids. However, with her hot body teasing me senseless, I keep dominating Addison without even realizing it, and the strain threatens to kill our dizzying lust and the trust I’m trying to rebuild. We just can’t ke…

#DungeonCrawl: Molly Gets Naughty With a Stranger

Hi. This is my first in the Dungeon Crawl and I'm super excited about it. I love BDSM. This excerpt I'm sharing today is from my novelette, The Kink Therapist #1: Nothing But Trouble. After witnessing a DD spanking in church between the young adult pastor and his wife, Molly Channing goes to visit a kink therapist and professional Dom to get a spanking of her own. But the guy, David, she meets in the waiting room takes her breath away.


When I open the door, I stop in my tracks and shudder. An old woman is sitting at a desk off to the side in the grand foyer, and a youngish dude, about my age, is slouched in one of the four chairs in a long hallway leading to closed double doors. The floor is marble with a giant starbust, but it’s wood, wood, wood everywhere, a rich burnt sienna, even the winding staircase 15' ahead. The balcony on the second floor bows out in a half circle near a chandelier with a gazillion dangling gemstones. What the hell? This looks like a fucki…