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Book Review: Birthday Wishes ~ The List: Book 1

Author: Braxton Cole
Published: March 3, 2013
Pages: 93
Language: English


Mari meets Luca on an adult website. She’s still smarting from a divorce and only looking to explore her desires. They create wish lists of their sexual fantasies and agree to work through them together. No strings, no attachments, nothing but pleasure, and Mari anticipates their first meeting with impatience. But through a miscommunication involving a private text message and Mari’s nosy brother, Luca ends up at her 30th birthday party, before their planned rendezvous. Much to her surprise, they seem to connect better than she expected, and in ways she hadn’t expected. He’s strong, commanding, but also gentle and respectful and he makes her ache in ways she never thought possible.

But when Luca later expresses a desire for something more than just casual sex, Mari's impulse is to run the other way. After all, her failed marriage is evidence that she really shouldn’t go much deeper. Can L…

Pic of the Day: The Slightest Touch

I love this pic. A Dom's thumb lovingly tucked into his sub's mouth with his fingers tucked under the chin perfectly displays the shifting of power. He is asking for control and she is ready to give it. She is now his, solely his, and the scene has commenced. Anything from pain to butterfly kisses could be coming her way ... definitely a night of surprises. PinIt

Book Review: Hot for Teacher

Author: Nathan Stratton
Published: October 12, 2011
Pages: 260
Language: English


Welcome to class -- here's your first lesson...
Adam Stone is a devastatingly handsome psychology professor, teaching a course in "Power Dynamics." From the moment April lays eyes on him, she knows there's a spark between them. But as April soon finds out, Adam's no ordinary psych professor. His specialty is in human sexuality - specifically, BDSM... 
A sizzling-hot romance, short and sweet, with great chemistry between the characters!
Come take a tour of SUBMISSION UNIVERSITY -- you won't be disappointed...

***Note: Explicit content. Ages 17+.***


Ya know, I know that the title is very porno and the not-the-norm cover dimensions make it look homemade, but this was an excellent kickoff to a taboo BDSM relationship between a college student and her professor. Give it a try. I thought this would be okay and was surprised at how well-written and fun it was.…

Pic of the Day: The Anticipation

I love this pic. Tied up and in the hands of a bare-chested man, who came bearing roses? Mmmm. Delicious. Will this be a gentle scene or rough? I love the mystery, the anticipation. And she's already in heaven.

Pic of the Day: The Dip

Yummy. I love this pic because it's so naughty. The duotone, with the blue popping is very cool, and I find foreplay in jeans so incredibly sexy.  Semi-dressed action is more titillating to me than full nudity.

Pic of the Day: The Grabby Kiss

I love this picture because of how tightly they're clutching each other, like they can't get enough, like it might be their last or they've waited forever for it. It tells a story and gives birth to a million questions, which is so cool. Those are the best kinds of photos I think. This one is both cute and steamy.