Book Review: Hot for Teacher

Author: Nathan Stratton
Published: October 12, 2011
Pages: 260
Language: English


Welcome to class -- here's your first lesson...
Adam Stone is a devastatingly handsome psychology professor, teaching a course in "Power Dynamics." From the moment April lays eyes on him, she knows there's a spark between them. But as April soon finds out, Adam's no ordinary psych professor. His specialty is in human sexuality - specifically, BDSM... 
A sizzling-hot romance, short and sweet, with great chemistry between the characters!
Come take a tour of SUBMISSION UNIVERSITY -- you won't be disappointed...

***Note: Explicit content. Ages 17+.***


Ya know, I know that the title is very porno and the not-the-norm cover dimensions make it look homemade, but this was an excellent kickoff to a taboo BDSM relationship between a college student and her professor. Give it a try. I thought this would be okay and was surprised at how well-written and fun it was. I liked that it didn't toss you into the sexual D/s contact without any buildup. The author does a good job of showing readers the sub's thought process as she decides to investigate and go after her teacher for some private lessons after she likes what she finds. Yum. A much hotter and steamier morning pick-me-up than that coffee you could spend your $2.99 on.

MY RATING: 5 Stilettos


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