Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Hi. I hope you are finding a lot of warm bottoms in Winter Spanks. I'm excited to be a part of this spank-loving hop. Today, I am sharing a haiku that my character Addison from Sorority Pledge wrote for her Dom, Logan, and I will be giving away a $20 Amazon giftcard, open to international visitors. Enter to win in the Rafflecopter widget. Winner will be notified the day after the contest. Respond within 48 hrs. 

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Where Walls Meet

Where walls meet, I fall
Under your spell to wait, wait
To take what you’ll give

Snapping wood and heat
In the fire where stockings tilt
Hint at what’s to come

My skirt is pinned up
Just as you asked, my bra, off
Wish lust could be ditched

Skin crackles, pulse throbs
My soul calls for the unknowns
You hold in your hand

Will I grow hotter
Though I should hate it and cry
I deserve my fate

Clicks tick by in booms
I wait, wait for pink, for pain
Bare, surely, surely

I gasp at the clop
That first sound saying it’s time
All swallows slow down

Each step closer burns
My ears and cunt drum so fast
Love and hate collide

Your breaths measure calm
Mine are a train wreck, a mess
As you flick my hair

Your hand floats, trails down
You harvest flowers of gold
On my spine and curves

Those charms of contrast
Tickles of mercy come first
To make way for screams

I shiver and sigh
As you whisk my panties down
Bare, knew it, knew it

Once stripped off my feet
You tell me to get the chair
I return, you sit

Your hand clutches mine
Tugging me to that best place
Right over your knees

You ask if I know
Yes, I overspent, on you
I’m so, so sorry

You’re not satisfied
Apologies aren't enough
I have to pay up

We chose charity
To give to others instead
I went on a spree

Snow is a surprise
I screech when clumps land and cry
On my flame-warmed skin

Your arm pins me down
I squirm and shrill, it’s no use
I am yours, yours, yours

Lines and curves drench me
I’m chilled, shivering, so HOT
Your fingers, they find

Soaked, teeth clacking, SMASH
The brush slams into wet flesh
Our playtime it’s not

A storm of swats fall
Hard, fast and thunderous
That I should not like

But I do, I do
I sob that I’ll let you down
And not pay, not pay

You show me mercy
And give a pain we both need
Leaving me winded

Stings tingle here, there
A red cherry has sprouted
So hot and tender

I land, fall apart
You stop and make me wait, wait
For that touch. Ah, that.

Melts me in winter
It reiterates I’m yours
Heightens afterglow

Now that I have you
I can’t imagine Christmas
Without gifts so sweet

You grant each sick wish,
Fulfill my darkest kinks, dreams
Stick me where walls meet

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