Thursday, March 20, 2014

#SatSpanks - Addison is Anything But Lucky During This Spank

Hi, Spankos. Thanks for stopping by. I usually share snippets from Sorority Pledge Saga, a 10-novella collection that follows the BDSM romance of two college students, Addison and Logan, who are centering their relationship around Dominance and submission while trying to balance college life.

NEW RELEASE: Today's snippet is from Book 6, just published. It features tons of spanking, light bondage, menage and a little girl-on-girl.

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Addison has invited her friend and roommate, Shayna, over to her Dom's house for a spanking because Shayna can't get past her guilt for playing loose at a party. But Logan went a step further and began to dominate Shayna too, and Addison didn't like that one bit, punctuating her irritation with a flipoff and a mouthed, "Asshole." Now, she gets her very first brat spank. Logan is trying to get Addison to confess more recent naughtiness to Shayna, but she's being non-compliant.


      His hand rained down. “Tell her that watching her lose her innocence at that party made your panties so freaking wet. Tell her you set her up to get spanked today with all your talk about it because the thought of watching someone get whacked has the same effect. Tell her that’s why you went to town on that girl at the party. I saw you, Addison. I could feel your lust for red. It made you jump out in the room. Tell her you’re a very bad girl too, and that you’re being a brat right now, and that your infractions are far, far worse than hers. Yours are bare-bottom worthy. Wouldn’t you agree?”
And with that, Logan jerked my panties down to mid-thigh and began striking the sting he’d built already. I shuddered and shrieked. “Owww. Don’t.” Claps against my stingy flesh popped in the room like bubble wrap. My sit spots, my sweet spot and even the tops of my thighs all got it good and hearty. My burning thighs and cheeks jiggled at each hit, and I became a hot mess of sobs and shame.

Don't forget!!! Sorority Pledge 1 : A Devil in Disguise is free at all major online stores and is also posted at BooksieSilk and Wattpad.

Have fun getting your spanks!