Thursday, April 10, 2014

#NewRelease - Sorority Pledge 7: Sweet Treat to Excite


Logan & Addison can't keep their hands off each other nor pain out of their fun fests. Logan left Addison in a lurch after their first official scene in Book 5, a spicy-hot capture one between a Princess and a sexy rogue that you NEED to read if you haven't, so they are trying to get back to their mutual love of all things leather and stingy. The 7th steamy novella in their kinkalicious romance is out now and available on:
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NOTE FROM THE DOM, LOGAN THORNDIKE: Luscious and I aim to get back on track after the reset of our relationship, and we’re psyched to share our first Sunday together as boyfriend and girlfriend rather than just pound-me-’til-I-scream kinkazoids. However, with her hot body teasing me senseless, I keep dominating Addison without even realizing it, and the strain threatens to kill our dizzying lust and the trust I’m trying to rebuild. We just can’t keep our damn hands off each other! Even though she’s the one always getting spanked for being lusty, I’m also having difficulty reigning in my bad boy ways. I’m not 100% positive either one of us can be tamed, but I demand obedience and respect. And I will get it. Ever the feisty sub, Addison gets spanked a lot because she’s so very naughty, and we play with food and other weird toys, oh, and some friends, so if this offends you, do not read. 

If you are ready and willing to get tingly, however, go make yourself a sundae, loaded with your favorite toppings. You might have to cool down once grapes come into this installment because my spanko proves her deliciousness, again and again, and her “funishment” is certainly a scorcher. 

* * * This 29,200-word novella is Book 7 in the 10-part Sorority Pledge Saga, a serialization that follows a rocky romance centered around the edgy bliss of Domination and submission. Contains explicit situations and language. 18+ please. * * *  

EXCERPT:   You keep saying you think you’ll hurt me or like this wolf or dark edge is inside or something. How would that manifest exactly? Name one fantasy that would be taking things to an unbearable extreme for us. I can take a lot, and you know that.”
I’m not sure what the limit is. That’s for you to say. But I can tell you a thing jacks me up, that’s on the edgier side.”
I shrugged and nodded. “Okay. That works.”
He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly through his puckered lips. “Um, it makes me rock-hard to imagine you tied up ... spread open, blind-folded, ball-gagged, with absolutely no way out. Safewords are important for both of us, for safety and approval and all, I know that, but as I see scenes progressing and unfolding in my mind, having them can be a bit of a buzzkill, at times, because you still hold power. I’m greedy. I crave it all. Being in total control, with you entirely in my hands, is such a fucking turn-on to me, where you are mine, all mine, forced to take whatever the hell I want to deliver.”
Do you see yourself torturing me?”
Not physically. In my finest fantasies, I fuck with your mind, make you cry, scare the snot out of you and push you harder than ever. The more power I hold over you and the more anguish and distress you have about what I’m doing to you, the more erotic and hot it is for me. With you putting that much trust in me and journeying with me, I believe, it will also create growth in you and in us faster than anything. This is not something I want consistently, just once in a while. It’s a white-hot thrill.”
Having no safewords is a scary way to play though, Logan.”
I know that. But the idea of having all the power makes my mouth water and my nuts ache for release. I’m just being honest. My desires while in that mode of control run darker, though still not quite what I would call extreme, but dark. Tearing off your clothes, for instance, scaring you with weapons, threatening you with things I may or may not do, manipulating truth so you don’t know what’s real or not. Your lusty decisions aside, you have a submissive heart, so the desire to submit and that yearning to please me comes easily for you. I want to make it more challenging. I want you to have some fear and to sometimes be defiant and resistant as you battle your will to align it with mine. I want you to muscle and hurt to arrive at the spot I demand. I want you to be nervous at the sight of something like a rose, because you have no clue how I will use it. How fucked up is that I want to scare you shitless with the most mundane things?”
My heart started pounding so fast and my mind began to whirl. All I could spit out was, “Not very. Roses aren’t scary.” His words spiked anxiety but also made my stomach drop in delight like a loopy, twisty rollercoaster in the dark, where you have no way of knowing what’s coming and no way off until you’re let off. I wanted to say, “Do it, take control, take it all.” But I wasn’t there yet. Safewords are the only bit of control I have, and he gets all the rest. The rest should be enough for him. It should.
Oh, really, Addison? A rose is one of my favorite sex toys. A rose can scratch, make you bleed, torture your pussy with a velvety touch that refuses to satisfy. Everything is all about perspective, application, and context, my pet. I could probably make chalk scary.”
My swallow elongated. I didn’t doubt it. He sounded deadly serious. I couldn’t deny I wasn’t titillated by the thought of rescinding my parachute and surrendering everything to him. When we were scening in the barn, I did feel our ecstasy was restrained a little because I could bow out at any time. Maybe our fantasies weren’t so far apart. Maybe someday, I’ll be gutsy enough to say YES. His face when he was saying all that had been filled with joy and his eyes with fire. Somehow, someway, I intend to give that experience to Sir. He stepped outside his comfort zone and gave me an extra guy to play with. I didn’t want Logan to end up with Mr. Verlander’s bored, blah face that screamed of unfulfillment. No fucking way. I don’t care what it takes. I will get myself there.
What do you think about that, Miss Montgomery?” He cupped my neck and ran his the pad of thumb up and down my pulse zone. “Wow. What a speedy, wild heartbeat you have.” He bent forward, kissed my temple and muttered, “Is that a no?”
I licked my dry lips. “It’s, um ... a maybe.” 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#DungeonCrawl: Molly Gets Naughty With a Stranger

Hi. This is my first in the Dungeon Crawl and I'm super excited about it. I love BDSM. This excerpt I'm sharing today is from my novelette, The Kink Therapist #1: Nothing But Trouble. After witnessing a DD spanking in church between the young adult pastor and his wife, Molly Channing goes to visit a kink therapist and professional Dom to get a spanking of her own. But the guy, David, she meets in the waiting room takes her breath away.


When I open the door, I stop in my tracks and shudder. An old woman is sitting at a desk off to the side in the grand foyer, and a youngish dude, about my age, is slouched in one of the four chairs in a long hallway leading to closed double doors. The floor is marble with a giant starbust, but it’s wood, wood, wood everywhere, a rich burnt sienna, even the winding staircase 15' ahead. The balcony on the second floor bows out in a half circle near a chandelier with a gazillion dangling gemstones. What the hell? This looks like a fucking school entrance, the ritzy, pretentious, unaffordable kind. With it feeling so bitingly real, I’m freaked beyond the pale. Is this a real academy, like a tiny charter school or something?

The hag looks up from whatever she’s jotting in a thin book. “Good morning, Molly. Take a seat please,” she says, her voice strange and muddy. “Headmaster Ryan will call you in shortly.” She returns to her book. No, a crossword puzzle it looks like.

“Thanks.” She knows my name? I itch to hightail it out of here, but curiosity and a savage thirst for pink and pain, not to mention bounce, pushes me past the staircase, down the hall and into a red velveteen chair beside Slouch. I sigh and bob my heels like a junkie in withdrawal.

He’s pretty cute, wheat-colored hair splaying out around his collar, bangs sweeping to the left, threatening to block his eyes. Nice arms. Nice legs. I can only imagine his chest. His tie is loose, top button undone. Good Lord, is he going to hear me get spanked? Heat slinks up my cheeks and neck. He’s staring ahead, arms crossed, ignoring my perusal of his body, not saying hi or even acknowledging my presence at all. He only took the time to look me over when I first came in. Am I repulsive or what? Whatever. I can ignore him just the same.

My breaths are getting away from me with randomness, and my heart’s pounding so fast, he can probably hear it. It was dumb to sit in the chair right next to him when there are others. I shift and fidget, hands bouncing between armrests and my abdomen. I finally lace fingers together and shove the tight weave to rest on my thighs. Minor irritations nibble at me. “Sooo, um … is this a real school?”

“Today it is,” he mutters.

Even in dull mode, he’s got a nice, rich voice, one that could easily make my knees quake if I were standing … or if he were giving me stern commands. I imagine a couple. And they’re bad … bad … oooh … mmmm, sooo bad. Yeah, I like the last one best. But now I know I’m blushing from that. Maybe he’s a sub though. That would suck. What a waste of a sexy voice. Or he could be gay. Double suck. I snort when I realize what I just said in my head, then quickly clear my throat. “Um, do you mean it changes day-to-day? What will this place be tomorrow?”

He shrugs.

Aaaand we’re back to silence. Lovely. I swish my pursed lips back and forth. After several clock ticks, I flip my dark hair behind my shoulders, then arch my back in a good stretch and massage my neck as I rotate my head to work out the kinks. I catch myself moaning and nip that humiliation factor in the bud. Some loose locks fall forward again from my movement and kiss my breasts with a caress. I whisk them back and accidentally bump his arm with my arm and a flutter of my fingers. I jerk away, but he quickly reclaims contact with my skin, giving a slow, intentional graze that makes me shiver. His arms still crossed, he forsakes his arm muscles for tactile fingers and streaks them up and down my upper arm, which rakes up goose bumps. What the hell’s he doing!

Yeah? Two can play that game. I drop my gaze to the leg closest to me. His left. I put my hand on his knee and let it rest for two seconds, then I slowly drag my index finger up and down his thigh and don’t stop until I reach his nuts. I add more digits and draw six circles over his entire package with my fingertips, then cap off with a hearty squeeze. I jerk upwards three times and smile at the nice stiffness I created.

I let go in a flash, it suddenly hitting me that I just committed a criminal act, like, one that could land me in jail and stick me on a list with real pervs. Ohmygod! What the hell’s wrong with me!

His eyes, blue like gas flames, zoom to bore into mine and his tight jaw grinds. He’s breathing like a bull, and it’s most definitely not from any kind of upset or offense taken. He’s electrified … blazing with hunger. Hmm. Wonder what made that happen.

I whisper, “1 to 0. Point for Molly,” as sweetly as I can. I lick the tip of my index finger and chalk it up in the air with some sizzle. I’m thrilled and beaming.

He whacks my arm. “You can kiss that sexy smile goodbye, sweetheart. Game’s over. And I won.”

He finds my smile sexy? Like, sexy sexy? When I unhook myself from the snag on his compliment, I say, “You wish. I fight dirtier than you can imagine,” and look back at the … receptionist?

“Yeah, my junk can testify to that. Forget her, she’s deaf. But you’re wrong. It’s done and won, Hot Legs. Aren’t you gonna ask me how I know?”

Hot Legs? I blush. “Um, sure. How do you know you won already? We’re just getting started.” I smirk. No matter what he says, I know I won. Come on. I groped him at Go.

Damn. His confidence and the, um, merriment and suggested depravity in his dirty imp gaze, like, wow, turn him from cute slouch to sexy, hot beast before my eyes.

I lick my bottom lip with a slow stroke.

“’Cause I’m here for you.”

For me? My belly flops and loins ignite at the sly smile that only serves to make his face a million times hotter. My breath stutters. “What do you mean, for me? I don’t get it. What’s your kink?”

“Voyeurism,” he says, like it’s his favorite porn flick. Breaths from his snicker puff against my lips and yank the turned-up corners down.

God, no! I gasp, tear my eyes off his and look down at my shaking thighs and hands. Ohmygod. He’s right! He beat me before I even walked in the door! He’s going to watch? Listen? This is my first time! That’s not fair!

“Yeah, that’s right. Gotta start the day off right.” He stretches big with a faux groan and his evil laugh echoes in the halls. “Mmmm, yeah. Nothin’ perks me up like a good morning show.” One leg is now sticking out, and his fingers are laced over his stomach. His traveling scrutiny tattoos a million butterflies of fire all over my body. “Aaahh, Molly, good golly. Yep. You’re gonna be a fun one to watch.”

I backhand his chest. My words jam for a sec when I hit hard muscle. “Ya know, teasing me is highly unwise. I come bearing treasure. If you’re nice, I’ll tell you the scandalous thing I witnessed in church, and what I did, in excruciating detail. It’s what led me here.”

His brow perks, and he straightens and jerks his belted waistband. Unable to stand the intensity brewing in his eyes, I bop my focus between his beautiful pools of blue and his hand, the way he’s scratching his sculpted bicep with his thumbnail. But I get all buzzy guessing the slap-strength of his palms and rush my attention to his face and stick it there. He bites a smidgen of his bottom lip and growls deep in the throat. “I can be ... reallynice,” he says, filth dripping on every word. The raunchy books his mind is clearly drafting make my cheeks warm up and pussy tingle.

I swallow hard and clear my throat. “I’ll … bet.”

We stare at each other, caught in fiery ebbs of mutual lust. He leans closer, glances at Desk Lady, and comes back to my eyes. A chill thrashes my body as his chest mashes into my arm and hot lips and air tickle my ear. “You were kind of at a disadvantage, but today’s your lucky day. You get another shot. Second match. Ya game?” He bites my lobe.

“Hell yes.” 

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