Multi-book Memorial Day Sale - Erotica #99cents and FREE

Hi. Don't miss out on this special sale. For a realistic and steamy taste of a BDSM relationship, get the complete box set of Sorority Pledge Saga and dive into Addison and Logan's scorching-hot romance.
Only 99 cents for a limited time. 10 books. 230,000 words.

SYNOPSIS: Following the strong pull of an undeniable connection and a need for power play, college students, Addison and Logan, jump into a fulltime D/s relationship and begin experimenting more and more, testing dark edges in BDSM that they've never dreamed of. But Logan's sadistic desires threaten to destroy everything beautiful they're trying to build. 

Get it now.

Check out these other hot deals as well!

1)   Lynda Belle 
The Night I Met Her (Exhibitionist/Voyeur)

The Perfect Escort (Aussie Male Escort)

2)   Nancey Cox (Futa)

Pleasing the Futa Boss

Planet of the Futas

3)   Jayelle Wye (Erotic/Sensual)

Brief Encounter (Compulsion #1, a short story)

4)   Janet Lynn
Seducing the Music Teacher
 (FREE) (Teacher-student romance/spanking)

He Must Have Her: Bloodlove Part I
 ($0.99) (Vampire Billionaire Erotica)

5)   Cordova Skye (Impregnation Erotica)

Book 1: The Earth-King’s Bounty

Book 2: Pierced by Cupid’s Arrow


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