#ChristmasinJuly Erotica Book Deals & Summer Sizzle

Hi. Since it's the most wonderful time of the
year, I'm sharing a few steamy Christmas
titles with you so you can have people
guessing why you're blushing at the beach.
My newest release, Christmas on the Run, 
is finally live and only 99 cents.


Tristan Blakesley, an ex-boy-bander and wannabe rock star, just wants to make it past
Christmaswith his pretty face in one piece, but a bookie has given him a tight deadline 
for a stupid bet he made. Without the cash on hand to pay up by Christmas Eve, 
he runs away for the holidays, seeking escape by traveling to meet the president of his
fan club. But the sexy, feisty Alyce has a far more heavy reason to run away for the 
holidays, and he finds himself willing to follow her wherever her urgency leads, especially if it lands him in her sheets.


1)   Lynda Belle (Kilted Man/Holiday Fling)
I’ll Be Home For Christmas (FREE)

2)   Nikki Solo (Menage/MMF)
Mistletoe Menage A Trois ($0.99)

3)   Alexis Ayres
Christmas in July (Free)

4)   Cordova Skye (magical baby daddy)
Sitting On Santa’s Lap ($0.99)

5)   Mary Tales
Love By The Book ($0.99)

Also, my hot novella PICKED BY THE BILLIONAIRE
is exclusiveand brand new in the RED HOT SIZZLE
box set, a wonderfulcollection of 14 all-new books
to heat up your summer.

Pre-order it now! ONLY 99 CENTS!

SYNOPSIS: Recent college grad Carys Jakubowski hates being stuck
sprigging baby’s breath in her mother’s floral shop when she’d rather 
be scooping out grit for some newspaper, but the only thing her
resume has been reeling in is silence. Impressed by her eye for detail 
and take-no-shit attitude at a friend’s wedding, geeky billionaire 
and technology mogul Colton James hires her to help him plan an 
elegant proposal for his girlfriend Tiffany. But on the night she’s putting 
everything in motion, just days after she’s dumped herself, Carys
sees Tiffany screwing some dude who’s not the hunky billionaire.
Her professional report with Colton quickly dissolves when her 
comfort ends up sliding into his pants and then helping him out of them. 
Their fiery passion ignites an addictive and fun method of escape
from their anguish.

Although Carys knows they’re only using each other on the rebound

to try to mend their broken hearts, their bond continues to grow stronger
and she can’t stay away. She hopes and prays true love will bloom
at the center of their lust and that he’ll pick her and consider
her more than just some soothing, toss-away fling with some kink and 
domination thrown in. If not, she knows their wild ride of ecstasy will
eventually crash and burn and obliterate them both.

Here are the store links. Pre-order it now!


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