Erotic Authors Guild Book Giveaway & Fund Drive

If you love steamy books as much as I do, then come to the Book Giveaway Facebook event for lots of contests, fun and freebies from September 13-15th to support the launch of the Erotic Authors Guild. Also, consider donating so erotic authors can have a bigger voice against distributors that arbitrarily filter, miscategorize or censor the works you want to read.

From September 13 -15, my novelette under Krissy Rose, The Kink Therapist: Nothing But Trouble will be FREE at Smashwords. Pick it up some free pink & kink while you can.

SYNOPSIS: Expelled college student Molly Channing is nothing but trouble. And she always seems to land in it. 

In spite of her long list of offenses, she never in a million years thought she'd find herself masturbating in church. But she can't help it when she witnesses the Young Adult pastor spanking his wife in the chapel after he catches her gossiping. Trapped in the baptismal with a perfect vantage point and a bucket of Mr. Clean, she's transfixed, horrified, and more turned on than ever...even more so when Pastor Rick spots her and lets the belt fly anyway. When his wife bounces out with stripes hidden in her shorts and a glow on her face, he explains their Domestic Discipline lifestyle and tells Molly she could benefit from a hearty spanking too...but not by him. He recommends the kink therapist who helped his sister overcome childhood abuse. Molly knows she needs something. Her eyes and buns burn as she stares at the tiny black paddle business card...a plastic one that can sting.

BRENT ~ Your Kink Therapist ... Committed and able to give you exactly what you need!

That seems pretty presumptuous and conceited though. How can HE know what her needs are and meet them so adequately if she doesn't even know what they are? If she can find the courage to get the good dose of pink she now craves, one thing's for sure, she's not letting go of her bent for trouble without a fight...especially after she meets the equally bad David in the waiting room.

* * *This naughty novelette is a stand-alone, HFN romance of 16,000 words, about 64 pages according to industry standards. Volumes do not have to be read in order. Contains ageplay, voyeurism, multiple-implement spankings and explicit sexual situations. 18+ please. * * *


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