Pic of the Day: Censored Dominance

Ohmygod! This picture is so hot, like HOT hot, and in my opinion, it's art too. Is it explicit? Maybe, I mean, he is grabbing her crotch and reaffirming that it's HIS, I acknowledge that, but it's no more gasp-worthy than 70% of the couple pics on Pinterest. It tells a story, loud and clear, about the beauty and trust in Dominace and submission. It's a snapshot of power play, ownership, unadulterated adoration. Who knows what'll happen next. But be it punishment or pleasure, it will surely be amazing. 

But this picture, right here, got me booted off Pinterest because someone reported it, even though there's no nudity at all. Pinterest doesn't care. Because of a flag, those stick pins will send a notice of removal anyway, even when a picture isn't graphic. This was my 6th notice, and the others that got reported and stripped were not any more explicit. There was no nudity. They were just couples engaging in BDSM with clothes ON, okay, maybe underwear, but still, no naughty parts showing. One picture on my Red Hot Kisses board was of a couple kissing in the shower, shown from the neck up. Really? That's not nudity or explicit!!! Not a damn thing to see except the KISS and the spray. Why flag a kiss? I can't help it if your dirty mind added more to the shot. Oh, I see, people will read 50 Shades of Grey with no problem and love it up with their friends and scream on forums about the casting of the movie AND they'll go see it anyway but hate on pictures that feature BDSM elements, even when those pictures aren't graphic or gross. What prudes. Meanwhile, there is actual PORN on the site. Porn. I have come across it. This is not porn. It's not. I don't like this blatant censorship of BDSM. Even Amazon and iTunes are on the hate train. It already feels old, but it actually seems to just be clicking into high gear with completely arbitrary regard. Okay, rant over...now, now, you can enjoy the sweet treat that this pic is and sigh at its grace and loveliness.

(I surely unintentionally improved my SEO tenfold with this post. Woohoo! I don't even like porn. Whoops. Did it again. Sorry to disappoint, onslaught of lusty visitors! Nothing to see here: except a HOT  BANNEDPHOTO. )


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