#SatSpanks - Logan Commands Addison to Get Busy

Hi, it's time to get your blush on. Welcome to another hot Saturday of spanks galore, spankazoids.

In the last snippet, Logan was "upset" with Addison for not dressing him like he asked her to, although, truth be told, he didn't actually mind her going to town on him, and he shoved her to the floor anyway. They are new in the roles of Dominance and submission, and he's not about to let her get away with disobedience, no way. This is more setup to her "funishment" :).

Can't wait to get this novella back from the editor so I can put it out there. It's dripping with naughtiness and bondage, and oh yeah, spanking of course, and um....yummy fun!

"I misbehaved. I’m such a wicked, selfish girl.”

He unfolded off of my body and backed away from my butt. “Touch yourself, right now, Addison.”

God, I was so hot as I ran slow circles around my clit.

“No, this isn’t for your benefit. It’s for mine. Ram your fingers in. Plunge down on them.”

I shoved two in and pumped them in and out.

“Faster, faster. Punish that pussy, Addison. It keeps leading you to trouble. Get obscene and nasty. You are my slut, and that pussy is mine.”

I did as he asked, pounding myself all rapid fire. I ground my face into the Oriental carpet and shrilled with juices of desire dripping down my hand.

Enjoy the rest of the hop!!!


  1. Oh wow... you really lay out the heat don't you Daizie?
    His telling her that this is for HIS enjoyment was hot... but then when he says 'Punish that pussy, Addison'... ~Whew!~

  2. No doubt about it. She enjoys being dominated. Hot stuff.

  3. Forced masturbation is hot, especially when it follows a hot spanking. You've got a lovely - and very naughty - imagination, my dear. I like that. :)

  4. It isn’t for your benefit. It’s for mine. Love that line. This is one HOT snippet. You win hottest of the day. WOW!

  5. Not for her benefit..damn! Ok. Love this and forced sex prior..she is naughty.

  6. Whew. That's some hot stuff. Love the voyeuristic aspect too.

  7. Daizie, are you my soulmate? Lovedlovedloved it.

  8. Love the dirty talk. Sigh! Hot scene.

  9. Hot stuff! Touching herself for his benefit...nice;)

  10. Great snippet. Very steamy, I want more.


  11. There is something so sexy about a man making these kinds of demands on a woman. Hot stuff!

  12. You are wicked, I think I'm in love...

  13. Very sexy!!
    Loved his dominance!

  14. whooo hoo. That was smokin hot. yum.

  15. This is going to be a fun book. I can tell already. Very hot!


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