#SatSpanks Logan Has Addison Prepare for the Belt

Hi, Spankos. It's a lovely day for spankings. The snippet I'm sharing is from Sorority Pledge 4: Kinky Fiend in Ties, available now. Get this hot novella today! 

Here, Addison is in trouble for having at her Sir and his junk when she was supposed to dress him instead. So far, she's only had "funishment". ;) This scene is spanking setup and tingly anticipation.


“Thank you for letting me please and suck you, Sir.”

He stood and smirked. “You are so bad.”

Shifting to a kneel before him, I snatched the folded belt and held it out to him on the platter of my palms. “Fix me,” I whispered. When he took hold of the belt, he kept his hand there and I kissed the back of it.

“Very good, my pet.” He stacked two pillows on the side of the bed and patted them. “You know what to do. Get up.”

My legs wobbled as I shot up to my feet. I laid over the edge of the bed with my pelvis on the heap like Sir wanted, and I inched up my skirt to reveal my bareness to him. My head was already tingling with delirium as I set my cheek on the mattress.

He ran his hands down my butt and thighs several times and kneaded my offered mounds. “I’m giving you six hard ones. No warm-up. Count ’em.”

“Yes, Sir. I deserve it. Please punish me with the belt.” I closed my eyes and smiled.

"You are so eager. You shouldn't be. I'm gonna wipe that fucking silly smile off your face, frisky kitten."


NOTE FROM THE DOM, LOGAN THORNDIKE: Okay, it is ON. After a yummy breakfast and a day of tests for Addison, she and I go shopping to set the stage for our first scene, and we have some hot, hot fun playing in our new lifestyle. But, surprise, surprise, the little devil pops out, again and again, and Addison is in for it now. Big time. That's okay. I can just tie her up, spank her, or shove her to the floor or into my bed for my pleasure. Which I do. A lot.

This volume contains plenty of pinkings, Shibari (decorative rope bondage so you won't have to Google it if you don't know), steamy hot tub action, strong language and other delightfully naughty situations that are just perfect for those looking for a good throb in the loins. Though there are no whips and chains--Oh wait. There is a dragontail whipping, just not for her. Hmm. Are there chains too? Oh, no, no, not in this novella. I bring those out in the NEXT one--please be at least 18 and aroused by life and love in the Kink. And be sure to ponder all the (dirty) whimsical fun you can have with ribbons and rope. :)

* * * This 26,000-word novella is Book 4 in the 10-part Sorority Pledge Saga, a serialization that follows a rocky romance centered around the edgy bliss of Domination and submission. Contains explicit situations and language. 18+ please. * * * (Based on industry standards, this book is about 124 pages.)

Have fun hopping around for whacks!


  1. Love it, Daizie. No warm up? Yeeeessss. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for reading. Glad you loved it.

  3. Wonder if he'll succeed in wiping the smile off her face.

  4. I think he can wipe the smile off her face, but only temporally.

  5. Hot little set up and I love the belt. I can hear her brattiness actually through so few sentences… :)

    1. Thank you. I love the belt too. Love getting it.

  6. Nothing like an eager recipient. Sexy snippet.

  7. Daizie, I love that your characters as so feisty. It's hot the way she teases him even though she's NOT going to get a warm-up. Oh and then his promise of wiping the smile off her face... I almost want to cover my eyes at how hard those 6 spanks with the belt are going to be.
    I'll be holding onto my butt as I hop on to the next blog... lol
    Great snippet!

    1. Feisty indeed. This whole thing has been a giant tease from her. She's bad.

  8. I love that challenge dynamic, Daizie!

  9. Ah, the belt! Knees weak! Hot little snippet, I hope he has fun wiping the smile off her face :)

  10. I melted when I saw the word, belt. Hot, hot, hot!!

  11. Replies
    1. Even though subs can get that nickname, or pet, there's a whole long story behind why he calls her that in the second book.

  12. So freaking hot. I'm with Mary. Two words get my attention fast, one being Daddy, the other- Belt.

  13. I think she's gonna learn a lesson about eagerness!

  14. I love your snips, and I love that nickname, Frisky Kitten!


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