#SatSpanks - Logan Goes Down on Addison

Hi.  I'm sharing another snippet from my newly published novella, Sorority Pledge 5: A Rider of Delight. Addison and Logan are roleplaying as a runaway princess and the rogue hired by the King to track her down and set her straight. He captured her in the woods, spanked her and now he has her bound spread eagle in the stall of the barn off his carriage house. 

“Your secret garden? Please. I know you’re much dirtier than that. Say cunt. Touch my cunt, Sir.”
“No, that’s so crass.”
His elusive touch made my whole body shiver and my stomach pang. “Exactly. When do you get to be crass? Let it out. Say, touch my cunt, Sir. Dine on my sweet nectar.”
I gasped. “Ohmygosh! Touch my cunt, Sir. Savor the nectar that’s waiting for you in my pussy.”
“Mmm, yes, like that. Was that so hard? Don’t you feel released from the shackles of those much more prudish than you?”
“Yes,” I laughed with a nod. “And bad.”
“Bad. You’re right about that, my lady. You are the goddess of smut.”
I snickered, loving that term.
I expected roaming fingers first, but he shoved his head between my legs and devoured my aching, wet slit like a starving beast.
“Aahhhh.” I thrashed and cried out again and again in rills of ecstasy.
        His tongue slid up inside me and reunited with my walls and his hands trail blazed heat over my abdomen and breasts. He grabbed at my flesh until it hurt and made me scream.

 Have fun hopping for good licks!


  1. Hot snippet Daizie! Goddess of smut, I like it :)

  2. Oh that dirty talk - very hard to do!

  3. Trash talk can be such a turn on. Love it.

  4. You naughty girl Daizie, I loved it. Talking dirty in those circumstances can indeed be very liberating.

  5. A little dirty talk never hurt anyone!

  6. Tingling over here. I love it when a man wants his woman to talk dirty to him. YUM!
    Great snippet, Daizie!

  7. She can blame it on being spread-eagle - it's all his fault!

  8. ooh! I want to play runaway princess with Logan-- yay!


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