#SatSpanks - Bratty Addison Antagonizes Logan

Hi, Spankos. Thanks for stopping by. I usually share snippets from Sorority Pledge Saga, a 10-novella collection that follows the BDSM romance of two college students, Addison and Logan, who are centering their relationship around Dominance and submission while trying to balance college life.

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Today's snippet is from Book 6, not yet published. In case you don't know, Addison is a raging spanko and is discovering she's a masochist too, so it was mega-hard to work in the spanking scenario I love best: the non-con, brat spank. But I did it ... thanks to a major falling out beforehand.

Addison and her roommate Shayna, a Christian, got wild and kinky at a frat party, and Shayna can't let go of her guilt. Wanting to witness a live spanking in the worst way, especially at the hand of her Dom, Addison entices Shayna into diving over his knee, because for some people, spanking truly is the only way to feel absolved. Even though she does truly care about her, let's be real, Addison is always looking for a way to get hot and wet. Logan and Addison are in a tiff already when she brings Shayna over to his house, so she's in no mood for a spanking of her own, especially when he starts acting all Dom with Shayna. He's supposed to spank her and that's it. But thanks to her brat behavior, lucky Logan gets to give pink to two bad girls in one day. This is setup to her spanking.

Shayna cringed, closing her eyes tightly and scrunching her face. “Um, I wish to pay up with God, you and myself, so I can feel free and forgiven. Will you ... will you ssssp...aaank me please, Logan?”
“Most definitely. Are those the only grievances you wish to pay penance for?”
“Yes, Sir.”
Oh hell no! You can’t call him that. He’s mine. Mine! He didn’t have to be so goddamn domineering with her. He detected the sub in her and teased it out to kneel before him.
Logan shot his attention to me again, catching view of my grinding jaw.
I gave him the finger with a defined jerk in the air and mouthed, “Asshole.” I am yours. Just me.
His jaw dropped open, then snapped shut and his eyes went volcanic. He. Was. LIVID. And his diabolical glare swore my butt cheeks would be smoking by the time he was finished making me pay for that.
My mouth went dry and a flaming boulder plunked into my gut and singed everything beneath it.

Sorority Pledge 1 : A Devil in Disguise is free at all major online stores and is also posted at BooksieSilk and Wattpad.

Have fun getting your spanks!


  1. I'm with Addison on this, hell, spanking another woman would almost be worse than bedding her.
    Great snip

  2. I agree. That is such a betrayal.

  3. Yum. Poly-dynamics; so very, very hot.

  4. Not only is your writing super hot girl, but you have a lovely command of words. Awesome!

  5. I'd be upset watching my man spank another girl too! I'm taking Addison's side.
    TY for the free link to book 1. ☺

  6. I can handle spanking another girl as I go to parties, but lines are being crossed all over the place. I'm with Addison on this one, too.

  7. Uh oh. She brings her friend over for a spanking and then gets mad about it. She probably didn't expect that, but I did. :)

  8. I would have been with Addison too but that’s what she wanted to happen wasn’t it? She wanted to witness a real spanking. I can understand her getting upset though. Be careful what you wish for I guess . Great snippet though Daizie :)

  9. What did she expect? You can't flaunt two naughty bottoms in need of spanking before a Dom with a diabolical glare. Nice snip.

  10. Great snippet. Addison set Shayna up for a spanking and yet gets angry with Logan when he follows through. I love the look he gives her when she gives him the one-finger salute and calls him a name. Yup, the lady is going to pay and Logan is definitely going to enjoy it.

  11. wow, that's some scene. I like Logan's response


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