#SatSpanks - Addison Confesses to her Naughtiness

Hi, Spankos. Thanks for stopping by. I usually share snippets from Sorority Pledge Saga, a 10-novella collection that follows the BDSM romance of two college students, Addison and Logan, who are centering their relationship around Dominance and submission while trying to balance college life.

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Today's snippet is from Book 6, not yet published, and it picks up from the last scene I posted in SS. Addison has invited her friend and roommate, Shayna, over to her Dom's house for a spanking because Shayna can't get past her guilt for playing loose at a party. But Logan went a step further and began to dominate Shayna too, and Addison didn't like that one bit, punctuating her irritation with a flipoff and a mouthed, "Asshole." Logan ordered Addison to confess her naughtiness in a comedy club/restaurant. There's still no spanking in this snippet, but things are about to heat up. Enjoy!

My breaths were all huffs. “I, eerrr, I … fuck you, Logan.” He was rather happy and satisfied now, smirking like an evil imp, his thumbs hooked into his back pockets. “I left my panties in the bathroom, then walked around all free and open and fingered myself in the booth, okay? With you all sitting right next to me.”
Oh my god! You did that? In public? With us there?”
Yes, I did. I ransacked my own damn cunt until I came because it’s so hot to sneak it in public, and I wiped the evidence on the seat.”
Ohmygosh. That’s so disgusting. Why would you do that?”
Because I’m bad, Shayna. And I like being bad. I just said I found it hot. It was so exhilarating.”
He was still goddamn smirking, but then he looked serious, taking on a shade of anger in his tone again as he said, “What should happen to bad girls, Addison, who sing solo and come in public or to brats who give people the finger?"
I sneered and cocked my head. My stomach turned to mush and my heart started to pound ferociously. “Um ... they should probably be dealt with.”

Don't forget!!! Sorority Pledge 1 : A Devil in Disguise is free at all major online stores and is also posted at BooksieSilk and Wattpad.

Have fun getting your spanks!


  1. Yes, they should be dealt with! mm mmm

  2. lol I love that line too, dealt with :D hot snippet! love it, Daizie


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