Friday, October 25, 2013

#SatSpanks - Logan Spanks Addison for Disobeying

Hi, Spanko freaks. Thanks for visiting Dark, Dirty & Delicious on this grand Saturday for Spank. I'm sharing another snippet from Sorority Pledge 4: Kinky Fiend in Ties. If you've been following, Logan has been giving Addison a heap load of funishment for not dressing him like he asked, and instead, going to town on his hot, hard bits because they're, well, right there for devouring when she's on her knees before him sliding on his underwear.

Because of Spank or Treat posts can be a little longer today. Thank goodness because this spanking is so much hotter when you can see the juxtaposition of sterness and sweetness in one shot rather than split up. I was wondering how I could best break this up, but then we got permission to have longer posts. And I won't even get spanked for it!

“Yes, Sir. I deserve it. Please punish me with the belt.” I closed my eyes and smiled.

“You are so eager. You shouldn’t be. I’m gonna wipe that fucking silly smile off your face, frisky kitten.” He stood there and left me waiting on the mound of fluff for several minutes. My body fell under a constant shiver, and I started rushing out each breath through my nostrils, waiting for that first strike of agony. I licked my dry lips. I had no clue when it was coming and was surprised when the belt finally swung onto my flesh with a painful crack.

“I—Aaahhhh.” Fire singed my ass when leather zapped across both cheeks. Tears pricked my eyes and the sticky sting snatched my breath. Fuck. Hard was an understatement. “Aahh ah, one, Sir,” I sobbed. I coughed and choked down saliva as I fought the urge to reach back with both hands and rub peace back into my globes. I launched up, taking my feet off the floor, twisted my body and kicked my legs. “Ow, ow.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Even for a spanko like you, this won’t be a fun ride. Searing licks is what you deserve. I know how to inflict the right message. I know just how much to amp up to steal your pleasure, to make you hurt and cry and regret.” He swooped through the air again, and my warbled shout filled the room upon impact.

“Aaaahhh—ffff—two, Sir.”

I was blubbering like a wimpy fool.

“Uuhhh, yes, be pretty for me, sweet thing. So hot.”

He plastered another stripe across my upper thighs and I wasn’t expecting the placement there. My “Three, Sir,” came out all shrill and ugly.

I was glad this was only six, because each of the next three felt like further descents into levels of hell. When he was finished and I coughed out, “Six, Sir,” I curled up into a ball and cried. He let me grab my bottom and rub it. “Thank you for punishing me, Sir.”

He joined me on the bed and stroked my hair and back with the cotton ball fingers. “Stop being a bad girl. I don’t want to be punishing you all the time. Rewards are where it’s at. I wanted to watch you writhe and come tonight, hopefully with a new toy from the store, and now, after our spree, I’ll have to send you back to your bed unsatisfied. That’s not how I pictured our evening at all.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. You’re just so hot and irresistible.”

He laughed and cupped my chin in his hand and pulled my head to face him. “What am I going to do with you, pet? You just can’t help the naughty. I should’ve figured as much when you showed up at my door dressed like a devil and kicked dirt in the Quad because you weren’t getting any fucking commands. Are you going to obey me next time and do what I ask?”

“I certainly hope so.”

He was silent and his gaze hardened to steel.

“Yes, Sir.”

“You asked me for that and handed me the belt, but you know you can safeword when I call it, don’t you? Anytime we’re physical, not just when we’re in a scene. You always have choices. We’re not in a DD relationship, so I don’t have to whack you to get my point across. If you’re not in the mood, say so, and I’ll pick another way to set you straight.” He kissed my forehead and slid his raking fingers down my hairline.

“I know. I’m fine with everything you’re doing. I love being yours.”

“But it is fun. I love your reactions. Even when in pain, extreme pain, sobbing your eyes out, you’re still loving every minute of it.” 

“I know. I’m warped.”

“My little maso freak. I can’t wait to make you high on a slow build of pain that flips to unspeakable pleasure, kind of like your pose time during the Boys game, only better, and stronger, and delivered by my hand.”

“Mmm, that sounds nice.”

He kissed the top of head, pulled me into his arms and caressed me for several minutes. “Be a good kitten, please. Be my good girl.” Soft kisses covered my cheek and drifted back into my hair, forging a trail of sweet, sugary dots.

“I will.”

After rubbing the lovely, cooling cream on my bottom and massaging me for several minutes, all the while giving me ear candy, he asked, “Now, Miss Montgomery. There’s still the matter of my attire. Do you think you can manage that appropriately?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Have fun getting your spanks and treats. They're both one in the same as far as I'm concerned.

Friday, October 18, 2013

#SatSpanks Logan Has Addison Prepare for the Belt

Hi, Spankos. It's a lovely day for spankings. The snippet I'm sharing is from Sorority Pledge 4: Kinky Fiend in Ties, available now. Get this hot novella today! 

Here, Addison is in trouble for having at her Sir and his junk when she was supposed to dress him instead. So far, she's only had "funishment". ;) This scene is spanking setup and tingly anticipation.


“Thank you for letting me please and suck you, Sir.”

He stood and smirked. “You are so bad.”

Shifting to a kneel before him, I snatched the folded belt and held it out to him on the platter of my palms. “Fix me,” I whispered. When he took hold of the belt, he kept his hand there and I kissed the back of it.

“Very good, my pet.” He stacked two pillows on the side of the bed and patted them. “You know what to do. Get up.”

My legs wobbled as I shot up to my feet. I laid over the edge of the bed with my pelvis on the heap like Sir wanted, and I inched up my skirt to reveal my bareness to him. My head was already tingling with delirium as I set my cheek on the mattress.

He ran his hands down my butt and thighs several times and kneaded my offered mounds. “I’m giving you six hard ones. No warm-up. Count ’em.”

“Yes, Sir. I deserve it. Please punish me with the belt.” I closed my eyes and smiled.

"You are so eager. You shouldn't be. I'm gonna wipe that fucking silly smile off your face, frisky kitten."


NOTE FROM THE DOM, LOGAN THORNDIKE: Okay, it is ON. After a yummy breakfast and a day of tests for Addison, she and I go shopping to set the stage for our first scene, and we have some hot, hot fun playing in our new lifestyle. But, surprise, surprise, the little devil pops out, again and again, and Addison is in for it now. Big time. That's okay. I can just tie her up, spank her, or shove her to the floor or into my bed for my pleasure. Which I do. A lot.

This volume contains plenty of pinkings, Shibari (decorative rope bondage so you won't have to Google it if you don't know), steamy hot tub action, strong language and other delightfully naughty situations that are just perfect for those looking for a good throb in the loins. Though there are no whips and chains--Oh wait. There is a dragontail whipping, just not for her. Hmm. Are there chains too? Oh, no, no, not in this novella. I bring those out in the NEXT one--please be at least 18 and aroused by life and love in the Kink. And be sure to ponder all the (dirty) whimsical fun you can have with ribbons and rope. :)

* * * This 26,000-word novella is Book 4 in the 10-part Sorority Pledge Saga, a serialization that follows a rocky romance centered around the edgy bliss of Domination and submission. Contains explicit situations and language. 18+ please. * * * (Based on industry standards, this book is about 124 pages.)

Have fun hopping around for whacks!

Friday, October 11, 2013

#SatSpanks Kinky Fiends Get Red Hot

Hi. I'm excited to be a part of Saturday Spankings again, especially because Sorority Pledge 4: Kinky Fiend in Ties just went live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Yay! I think all my novellas are pretty hot because they have a lot of spanking mixed with sweetness, but this one's my favorite so far. Addison and Logan have begun a D/s lifestyle, their SSC talk is out of the way, and now it's just wild, hot domination and sexy time. This novella has steamy hot tub action, forced masturbation, lots of bondage and a heap load of spanking because Addison is just so naughty.

My snippet picks up fairly close to where we left off last week. Logan ordered Addison to finger herself like mad for HIS benefit, not hers. In case you missed it, scroll down one a post. It's yummy. Right now, Addison's bent over on her knees, waiting for further commands. She was BAD.

“Now, you’re gonna have to fix this big problem.” He came back to me, smashing the length of his cock against my action and under my rain, and said, “Grab me.”

I took hold of him between my legs with my cunt-soaked hand and squeezed.

“Tighter. Grip me hard. Double up.”

Once I closed in around him with both hands as tightly as he craved, he ferociously fucked the tunnel of pressure, deliciously slapping my ass with each hard thrust. His balls smacked against the back of my pussy lips. Mmmm. He was doing this for his sexual gratification, not mine, he was even trying to deprive me, but being used like this and getting inadvertently spanked had me soaring. Fail on his part.

“Fuck, Addison. I really need to spunk-punch something.” He got faster and faster, then flipped me over like a roped calf, shoved his cock into my mouth and bounced. “This’ll do. Drink up.”

I moaned, wrapping my lips around his generous offering. 

Hop along for some more pink & kink, spanko freaks!

Friday, October 4, 2013

#SatSpanks - Logan Commands Addison to Get Busy

Hi, it's time to get your blush on. Welcome to another hot Saturday of spanks galore, spankazoids.

In the last snippet, Logan was "upset" with Addison for not dressing him like he asked her to, although, truth be told, he didn't actually mind her going to town on him, and he shoved her to the floor anyway. They are new in the roles of Dominance and submission, and he's not about to let her get away with disobedience, no way. This is more setup to her "funishment" :).

Can't wait to get this novella back from the editor so I can put it out there. It's dripping with naughtiness and bondage, and oh yeah, spanking of course, and um....yummy fun!

"I misbehaved. I’m such a wicked, selfish girl.”

He unfolded off of my body and backed away from my butt. “Touch yourself, right now, Addison.”

God, I was so hot as I ran slow circles around my clit.

“No, this isn’t for your benefit. It’s for mine. Ram your fingers in. Plunge down on them.”

I shoved two in and pumped them in and out.

“Faster, faster. Punish that pussy, Addison. It keeps leading you to trouble. Get obscene and nasty. You are my slut, and that pussy is mine.”

I did as he asked, pounding myself all rapid fire. I ground my face into the Oriental carpet and shrilled with juices of desire dripping down my hand.

Enjoy the rest of the hop!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Awesome, Huge NA/Romance Giveaway

Surprise, everyone! It's that time of year for treats galore! So, why not, you know, enter to win some yummy goodies of sugar and spice to treat yourself? 

A bunch of NA and Romance authors, including myself, have banded together to give away A LOT of amazing, funny and sexy eBook prizes for you to win! COMPLETELY FREE! I will be giving away three copies of the soon-to-be-published Sorority Pledge Collection: Books 1-5, which is just the beginning in Addison and Logan's rocky romance that's centered around BDSM, while they're trying to balance college life.

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