#SpankA2Z Challenge - D is for Dacryphilia

This excerpt is from Sorority Pledge 8: Pain Sprite Set Right.

Addison's at her breaking point emotionally, and she goes to her Dom, feeling itchy. She doesn't even realize what she desperately needs. But Logan recognizes she needs pain to set things right. Pain will make everything better. She's never actually had just solely a pain scene before; they like to roleplay or have straight-up D/s. But he's going to pain stack here. And this excerpt shows how Logan's sadism is linked to one very specific turn-on. If you've never heard that term before or don't really get it, well, now you can see dacryphilia in action.

“Are you ready to hurt in tier one, Princess?”
“Yes, yes, Sir. Please. I can’t take it. Waiting physically hurts.”
“Good. Stand up.”
I did but my legs shook and body swayed. He wrapped around my back and his fingers glided up and down my body and stopped to squeeze any fleshy parts. I quaked as he nibbled and sucked my ear lobe and left sweet kisses on my temple.
“My sweet babydoll. Uh, I fucking can’t wait to make you cry.”
“Good, Sir.” A chill of excitement tingled in my bones and rocked my back against his torso.
His tickled my neck, flicking my hair over my shoulder and out of the way so he could increase his hot munch on one of my most erogenous zones. My neck is more easily stimulated than my breasts, which is weird, but it's true. The hub of nerves maybe. I just get a million more sensations from anything from the softest stroke to hard bites.
When I had full equilibrium, he nudged me over to the massage table and bent me over the edge with his body. Leather padding was covered with a fresh-scented sheet. I drank it in the sweet-breeze aroma as I laid there, waiting for his worst.
His hands glided up my arms, ordering me to keep them straight out along the length of it, and his lips piqued random spots on my backside and ass with butterfly-wing pecks. I shivered under his gentle attention, knowing this was just to add contrast to the sure thunder coming my way.
He stepped away from me, leaving me feeling chilled, even though the room was rather warm.
We’d only spent ten minutes together, but I felt tightly tethered to him and his absence from my body made me feel weepy, cold and lost.
Sir was soon behind me again. The swooshing of his clothing brought me some relief. He stripped off his shirt and tossed it out past me. I could feel some of his warm skin as he went back to kissing my neck, which was lovely and a trick to catch me off guard and get me to relax. A hard rap of wood shot into my bare cheeks and I screamed. The suddenness of it brought tears to my eyes. Logan gave me three more hard hits that left stingy impressions behind, and then switched out the wood for soft fur that he brushed down my sore curves and thighs and over my exposed bits. I sighed at the luxurious caress. The change up of sensations was driving me nuts though and making me even hungrier for pain. I didn’t think that was possible.
Logan changed up, again and again and again, going from a sadistic outpouring of hellfire to sweet moments of respite and aftercare to rub out the tartness of the sting. The blush he slowly painted on tingled and smarted and began to radiate heat. My eyes spilled and spilled, and I crunched back sobs.
“No way! No fucking holding back, Addison. You are so sexy right now, my hot, hot, bitch.” He smashed that wooden plank into me again with the ferocity of a thunder clap. My wavy, yowling sob bounced off the walls. “There. Like that. Release it all right now,” he insisted, followed up by another butt-pulverizing smack. “I won’t hesitate to turn that red to black.”
I wept, letting tears and snot fall free. My lungs lumbered for breath and Sir bent over me.
“Yes! Uh, so damn sexy. Just like that. You know how badly I want to see and hear you. Don’t you dare bind it up.” He growled and hummed in my ear and mashed his erection, hard and rough, against my throbbing, hungry slit. “Ohmygod, Addison, I’ve never been more on fire. You are so beautiful right now. You feel how fucking hard I am? You see that? Look what you do to me, you naughty, naughty pain freak.” His fingers hooked roughly into my mouth, clawing down painfully under my tongue. “Beg! Beg me, whore.”
He let go and I swallowed hard. My voice was shattered with arousal as I shouted, “Hurt me! Make me cry and scream! Give me one more, Sir.”
Ah, and he did! He delivered a nasty, brutal jolt to my ass that rocked my body so hard, I thought I’d crash through the table. I shrilled in beautiful agony and saw new colors.
He crouched down, rubbing, inspecting the damage. Aaaahh, and then, he bit me. His teeth dug into my sore cheeks and clamped down and his tongue stroked side to side as he held the bite and forced indentations into my flesh. I screamed and shook as the pain tossed me into heaven. I didn’t expect elevation so soon. His teeth didn’t let go until my scream turned into a sigh. I melted more fully into the edge of the table, feeling so light yet weighty at the same time. 
Sir drenched me with kisses, more silk swipes and the softest fondling of my bits, with both his fingers and tongue. He spent ten or fifteen minutes just lightly loving on me and letting me float around on the magic carpet ride of an endorphin rush.  


  1. Wow, this is a steamy snippet from the book. But please explain to a stupid Dutchman what Dacryphilia is!

  2. Thanks for reading. It's getting turned on by tears or watching someone cry.

  3. That was a wonderful description of both a Dom's arousal by tears and a sub's need to gain that desperate release through submission and pain.

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