SPANKING A to Z Challenge - Addison Gets a Bad Girl To-Do List from her Dom

This excerpt is from Sorority Pledge 8: Pain Sprite Set Right. Addison finds a to-do list in a gift box from her Dom, Logan.

Tears forged uneven streams down my face. I just hope I can prove my worthiness to him. He’s my first Dom, and I really do want him to be my one and only. I sneered and whimpered as I shut out the most amazing gift that wasn’t yet mine. My pulse drummed loudly in my ears as I opened the true box for me. And he knew dammit! And he knew how much it would kill me to be so close to paradise on earth and to have it yanked away by my own stupidity. But he was right. I’m not yet ready. I clung too much instead of letting go.
In this box sat three one-hundred dollar bills and a very skimpy, black teddy. I picked it up by the spaghetti straps. Hot. It was almost entirely see-through and, wow, crotchless. I slid my fingers through the separating slit and wiggled them. I licked my lips and got all buzzy, picturing myself in this in front of Logan. His cock would surely throb to have at me. Bring it! I quickly grabbed the note still remaining in the tissue paper.
When you are feeling less rubbery, I need you to pick up a couple things from the store today and run some other errands to perk up my cock with your proof of devotion.
THIS little number is the only thing you can wear, apart from the thigh-highs in my top drawer, boots or heels, and the coat hanging on the closet door. Your bad girl to-do list:

  1. Walk into a store, looking like the slut I own, and purchase a wooden spoon, a wooden ruler, a towel that will be nice and heavy when wet and twisted, a solid spanking hairbrush and the fattest belt you can find. If the clerk gives you a look of question, you know the one, a smirk or a raised eyebrow, you are to admit that that’s what they will be used for because you were bad.
  2. Don’t forget to buy yourself some new panties while you are there. Be sure to get some slutty ones that you know I will like.
  3. Masturbate in the car, right in the lot, until you come. I want G-spot, so dig in there. You can spill on that new towel. There are cameras, so be wise and discreet and choose your parking place well.
  4. Once your cunt has released, drive to a good spot to take a short video of the juicy slit enjoying the great outdoors. Find a nice place to sit outside and spread those hot lips open for me. Yep, it’s cold today. And I don’t give a fuck. I want my own skin flick. Run your finger up and down and in and suck off that slut juice, all sultry like. Rub that clit until you come again and that hot pussy is squeezing and contracting with a cordial invitation to blast in with my cock.
  5. Drive back here and set which new item(s) you want me to smash your ass up with Monday morning on my pillow
  6.  I’ll be watching football most of the day. Bring me a beer, would you? Oh, and don’t forget my favorite snack. Just fucking climb up and sit on my face in that slutty, crotchless, see-through thing.


  1. Great excerpt and so well done that it was all easy to visualize!

  2. Holy WOW! Dom is right! That was hot, but i couldn't do any of those things!

    1. I know. I couldn't either. Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment.

  3. Holy hell this is HOT! Love your use of "A". I want a naughty list given to me like that.....

    1. Thank you so much. I'm thrilled you found it hot.

  4. Oh my! That was H for hot, hot, hot.

    Sure makes my to do list look pretty tame.

    1. Thank you so much! haha-->on your own to-do list.

  5. OH! Holy Hell! what an excerpt! This was HOT!!

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