Book Review: The Vincent Boys

Author: Abbi Glines
Rating: 3 Stilettos
Published: October 12, 2011
Pages: 260
Language: English

I'm not sure about the new trad-pubbed version, but the one I purchased, with the cover above, was fresh off the presses and I just got around to reading it. Ashton is dating Sawyer in this book, who's away for a few months, and the longing she feels for his cousin, Beau becomes undeniable and she gives into her lust.

I thought the chemistry between Ashton and Beau was pretty sizzling, from even their moment together on the couch when they're watching TV. The crackling connection was the best part of the book, but I had a hard time getting behind them because Sawyer was so nice and they were acting selfishly. I knew going on that their would be a cheating angle, but I expected Ashton to be more torn about it. She said things to that affect but didn't really act like it bothered her the way it should have. The physical scenes were well-written and hot.

But the rest ... well, the characters were all cardboard and underdeveloped. There was a lot of talk about being a certain way but there wasn't any show. Plus, the version I bought was riddled with errors. I surely hope the new one got a decent editor and went through a few rounds of cleanup. That would fix one of the major issues I had with this book. The new covers for the series are cute and spicy. 

If you just want a book that has a few romps and don't care about character development or errors, then pick this one up. It's not really one I'd recommend overall though because it didn't live up to my expectations, given the abundance of 5 and 4-star reviews, but it was okay. It's good if you want a spicy read at the beach.


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