#99Cent Weekend Deals 7/6 on New Adult Books. Get 'em While They're Hot!

Here are some hot deals on steamy New Adult titles this weekend. All only 99 cents! Awesome.

Love Scars by Lark Lane

Nora Deven was seventeen when her family was killed. Now twenty-three, she's raised her niece the past six years by taking on massive student loans. When Nora's offered the chance to pay off her debt through a little benign corporate spying, she takes it -- though the job may shatter the fragile defenses she's built around her pain. 

Tech genius J.D. Reider was a multimillionaire at eighteen. Now twenty-eight and worth billions, J.D.'s wealth hasn't shielded him from being scarred by love. Then J.D. meets Nora Deven, a fragile graduate student used by his rival to sabotage his company's most important project ever. Nora might ruin his company, but J.D.'s real fear is she'll wreck the fortress he's built around his heart.

They can heal each other's love scars, if only they can see past them.


How to Resist Prince Charming by Linda Kage

*Mature New Adult Romance*
**Explicit scenes and language**

To resist the perfect man, please follow these simple rules: 

Step 1: Never make eye contact. 
Step 2: Never smile at him. 
Step 3: Never agree to anything he suggests. 

Or better yet, just follow Lenna Davenport's example and give in to temptation, sparking a whole tangle of passion, forbidden romance, mounting secrets and deceit. She meets her prince charming at her father's company Christmas party. Problem is he happens to be her dad's new boss. Worse problem is, her dad totally hates him. 

But what Daddy doesn't know... 

Braxton Farris takes over Farris Industries out of family obligation and expects his new employees might resent his youth and inexperience. What he doesn't anticipate is the level of contempt Tom Davenport carries for him. Nor does he count on falling for Tom's daughter. When he and Lenna start a secret affair, a disaster of corporate proportions is bound to follow. But to be together, they must decide if the fallout is worth it.


Naked (Naked, Book 1) by Kelly Favor

Introducing NAKED, the dark and sexy new adult series from New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor...

Caelyn Murphy is broken. 

She's broken because of something that was done to her--something she can't even bear to think about. So she does the only thing she can think of...she runs. Away from her Ivy League college, away from her perfect life, and away from the man who hurt her. Only she runs straight into...


Elijah Daniels is hardened from a life that's seen the worst the world has to offer. But when he meets Caelyn, he knows there’s something different about her. She's been through hell and back, but she hasn't given up.

Caelyn can see that Elijah is gorgeous on the outside, but she also knows he's dangerous. And the last man she trusted hurt her so badly, she may be beyond repair. 

But the harder she tries to resist, the more Elijah’s persistence strips her of her armor and leaves her naked and vulnerable.

In the end, neither of them will be able to predict just how far they might have to go to save themselves...and each other.

NAKED is the first book in the dark and sexy new adult series by New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor.

Sacrifice by M.G. Morgan

The moment Sam looked at me, I knew he saw me. The real me, not the one I pretended to be. He saw beyond my pretence to the girl beneath. The girl who cried herself to sleep at night. The girl who pushed people away, when all she really wanted was for someone to look her in the eye and tell her everything would be alright. That life wasn’t always pain. That living wasn’t always this difficult. That the ones you loved didn’t always leave you behind. In that moment, Sam saw me, and I saw him. And I knew without a doubt that I would love him and he would betray me.

But what was love without a little pain? What was love without a little sacrifice?

Natasha Masterton, a young college student on the verge of graduation, has the world at her feet. But all is not at it seems. Her mother is dead and she hasn’t seen her father in over three years. The only dealing she has with him is when he deposits her allowance into a bank account every month. Her father’s lack of interest has hardened Natasha to the rest of the world, leaving her cold and more than a little broken.

When Sam Harker crashes into Natasha’s life, asking questions about her father and dragging up the past, Natasha’s interest in piqued. The more time she spends with him, the more she falls for his easy charm and quick smile.

But Sam has secrets of his own - secrets that threaten their blossoming relationship. And when the real reason for Natasha’s fathers disinterest becomes apparent, a sacrifice must be made.

Love, honour and duty collide… risking more than just a broken heart. Sometimes love is worth the ultimate price.

The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love, #1) by J.S. Cooper

Lucky Morgan has had her share of heartbreak. She is devastated when her boyfriend dumps her after sleeping with him and she vows to herself that she won't be used again. She decides that the next guy she dates and sleeps with, will be her one true love.

Zane Beaumont is the mysterious and snooty guy that comes into her diner every Friday night with a different girl. He's the type of guy she's learned to avoid: carefree, fast, handsome, rich, and sarcastic. Unfortunately, she can't stop thinking about the devilish gleam in his eyes.

When Lucky's car breaks down one night after a party, it is Zane who comes to her rescue. As Zane attempts to sweep Lucky off of her feet, she soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and that Zane may very well be the guy for whom she changes the rules. That is until she meets Braydon.


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