Pic of the Day: The Flogger

I love this pic because for one, it's outside. Hot, hot. Punishment and pleasure that bleeds into the yard scorches me for some reason, like they don't give a damn who sees or hears. And I also love how each of them is dressed and that her hair is gathered up in his fist. Someone had a very naughty morning and is about to taste the bite and tickle of the flogger. By the looks of it though, this isn't a scene, and his position on the other side of her tells me he means business. I don't think this little subbie is getting a warmup or wispy figure eights. No, no. Not today. She's going to have to clamp that mouth shut to keep her screams from lifting into the air as he rains down on her, so the neighbors don't hear. Maybe next time she'll behave and obey her Sir.


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